Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vizcaya Museum!

Yesterday I went to the Vizcaya Museum, wich I studied last week. When I got there I was surprised because I didn't have any idea how beautiful it was.

I have lived in Miami almost six years, but I had never been there before. I was surprised with the beauty.

There was so much good taste in one palce--the mixing of the architecture, the Greek Statues with the Italian style furtunite--everything was perfect.

Vizcaya has a huge garden, which has a peaceful energy, almost bucolic.

Inside, the house has a lot rooms, and every room has a beautiful furtunite. The original owner, James Deering, thought about each part of the house. For example, on the second floor, he built a kitchen for him and his guests. What was a surprised to me, was the fact that his room was small and simple, unlike the other rooms were large and rich in details.

The house has three floors, and an elevator as well. I think because he could not have children, he planned every part of the house to be  a functional and enjoyable. For example, the house has a library, in some rooms pianos. Outside has the beautiful garden that I mentioned before, the pool and some chairs.

I really loved the place, and still today the house is very well preserved. It is worth it to visit!

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