Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Museum Science of Miami, is located in the heart of business and tourism of Miami, in Brickell.     This place is amazing for students, teachers and tourist how wants to know more about technology and science, It brings different experiments exhibited along the museum, and a big planetarium, where you can see short movies about the stars and planets.

The last week in my English class, we had the opportunity to visit this gorgeous place.  At first I was in a magical world of science and technology, and I could see experiments that showed how to produce energy by friction, sun light, by winds, among others.  Also I saw dangerous animals such as snake, scorpions, spiders in the land, and there is a special place for ocean animals, in this place I saw a tank with stingrays. 

Finally we visited the planetarium, this is a big sphere theater, the screen is awesome, but the movie that we saw was very sad, and it is doesn’t help to keep my interest.


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