Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween celebration in Miami

Today i learned that Hallowen is celebration  in October 31. The people dress up in costumes very beautiful. The trick or treating in Spain this custom disappeared although it is very nice to see the children dressed.

Once had a house very old. One day mi father walking on the side of house when i here a noise very strong. He started running toward the house suddenly disappeared and no one else ever heard
about any of the...It is in your hands imagine what has happened....

To carve a pumpkin is choose a pumpkin small because is very easy working with it. 
First, you paint in to be a cup.
Second, you cup the paint in the pumpkin.
Third, pumpkin empty.
Fourth, insert a candle in it.

Next week we will carve a pumpkin in class at open hearts.

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