Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trip to the Museum

     My first week in Open Hearts began with a visit to a famous museum in Miami : The Historical Museum of Southern Florida.
We took the metro-mover to get there, even though if the museum was not very far from our school.
The trip was very friendly because we were talking and laughing with each teacher.
After this short trip, we arrived at this museum, located in Downtown's District.
     The museum had a lot of different and varied parts, like archaeology, technology, aviation, or also maritime. That's why it's very interesting to discover several aspects of the history of Florida. The collection includes over 37, 000 items, mostly from the 20th century, like boats, aviation materials, clothing, musical instruments, religious objects etc. presented by a charming guide.
The presentation of the museum was very entertaining and participatory, because we could watch and listen at the same time the explanations of the guide, while answering questions.
For me, the best moment were when we were involved in the life of the museum, such as when we sat in an old train or in a typical hut. We carefully listened to her and laughed about very interesting topics.
     This museum was very interesting. I think the cultural outings are essential to continue the history of every country, every people or regions.
This, help us to learn English while learning the history of this beautiful country we have the chance to discover for several months.

Marion Castro 

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