Friday, October 14, 2011

Visit of Art Museum in Miami

It is the first time i visited the Art Museum of Miami.
I thought the visit was interesting because i didn't know about the Miami's History.
I learned about different people who lived or arrived to Miami for example the Indian's people who were born here.
I learned about their behaviours, their lives. I saw it on picture during the visit.
To live and survive, they must fished and build houses (like chekee) to protect themselves.
In XIX century, Spanish's people came in the North of Miami because there were a lot of wars and famine in other countries.They researched places to cultivate and food their people.
After, the french' people came in the North of Miami too. They brought the first canon to Miami.
In XIX century Homestead became popular and each people wanted their places.

At the End of the visit, i could see the exhibit of Aviation in Miami. It was interesting too.

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