Thursday, October 20, 2011

My trip to Miami

I've been in Miami for 1 month. I came to visit my family, and study English at Open Hearts College. It was a good experience since I met a lot of people from different countries, with different cultures and religion but is one of the things I liked the most, because I love to learn about others, and share experiences, hear different accents. It has been just 4 weeks, but I think I am improving my English.

Also I shared with my aunt, uncle and cousins, many things together, and is very important when you have a very close family but because of the distance you can't spend time with them. We went once to the theater, to many restaurants, to visit friends, to the beach. Lived with my family in Miami and studied in Open Hearts were new and nice experience that I think I want to do again. 

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  1. Hi
    I study in Open Hearts College too,I've been there for 6 months. it is one of the most beautiful experience I ever had.
    Before I come to Miami I was afraid to study in the broad I couldn't imagine I will be far away from my family, but now I want to stay here for more months.
    Unfortunately I will go to my country after a month.
    I wish I could stay more but I will come to Miami soon.
    Thanks for all my teachers, Now I can speak very well .