Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On a field trip to Vizcaya!!! - by F.S.

I've been to Vizcaya few times since I moved to Miami and I just love that place. Everything inside the house is fantastic, but it isn't my favorite part of the museum. Vizcaya's gardens and landscape are remarkable. The outside area of the house is huge and well-preserved. It is a peaceful and interesting place to visit because you can feel the nature very closely and see different art styles at the same time. Before I learned in class about the architectural style used in Vizcaya, Mediterranean Revival, influenced by French and Italian design I had not paid closely attention to it even though I was always impressed with the sculptures and fountains. So that, my favorite spot is the fountain on the garden. It is beautiful and matches perfectly with the view and architectural design. From my point of view, Vizcaya is an excellent place to learn about art, architecture, and history. I really enjoyed going there and had the opportunity to check out everything that I learned in class.

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