Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field Trip to Vizcaya – By W. A

As a student who is only visiting Miami, Vizcaya is a great Miami landmark, as well as it being immersed in Miami history.
Vizcaya is the great home of James Deering; the house and gardens are spectacular, and as an Architect and an Interior Designer, the house and garden were very inspiring, as well as very detailed. Paul Chalfin the Architect who helped design and build Vizcaya was very thorough and astonishing in his contribution.
The architectural details for Vizcaya were very impressive; the details for the ceiling, flooring, and wall features were amazing. There were many features that I fell in love with, one of them being the library; as a person who loves to read it was one of the rooms that I focused on: they had one wall filled from floor to ceiling with books, but the feature that I loved was the camouflaged door that was built in to appear part of the bookshelf.
Another feature that I loved was the gardens. One part of the garden was very disciplined and organized, where the other part was wild, the contrast was intriguing and fascinating.
One also has the ability to take a souvenir from Vizcaya from their gift shop, something to remember your experience with.

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