Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Long Trip


I am an international student who came from a foreign country, actually in Africa. Also I am a young man that has to learn English and I would prefer a school that has nice people and intelligent teachers. Before I was worried about living in another country but when I arrived in Miami it was so hot and when I started to study at school it was a little bit hard for me. I thought it was going to be easy to learn. It bothers me when my teacher tells me my writing is bad. It really bothers me a lot. I told myself I do not mind it when I am going to live alone in Miami because I came to study and have fun as well. But it's so nice when I live alone because you learn many things I did not know before.

When I arrived in Miami I had a nice experience in my life. I had been in many countries in my life but this one is different because I came here to learn English. It is like living in a dream. We have a different culture, completely different and I am so curios to know everything about this culture. Miami is a big city. You should spend a lot of time to visiting all the places, and the weather is really good, the same as my country and the people are friendly. I hope I wrote a good sorry. If it's not enough, I'm trying to work on it.

To be continued ...

Best Regards,


Hi Miami!!!!

I am Angelique. I am mixed - half French half Congolese. I am new in Open Hearts and in Miami too. I have been here for two months and I want to stay in Miami for one year or more.

I am looking for people who I can talk easily with because I am very timid. I would prefer people that are direct, open minded, and trustworthy.

Since I arrived I met many people who come from different countries. I like this cultural mix. I went to South Beach, I walked in the beach, in Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue, I went to the club and the atmosphere is not the same as my country in Congo. Here the clubs are bigger than in my country. I try the American foods too and it is very fatty for me. I am French too and in France we love to eat and I love to eat but the American food is definitely not the same as the French foods but with the Congo we are similar . In the Congo we like to eat spicy like in Miami of the Latin influence. I was surprised because in Miami I think more people speak Spanish than English. It is crazy but I like it. It makes me happy when I meet people who I feel confortable around and I hope to find good friends in Open Hearts and Miami. I am a person who is sociable, reliable and supportive. We did a test in the class and my result was cool and steady. I think I am like that. My only defect is my shyness.

Before coming to Miami I worked for the big French company "Bouygues Construction" in the Congo and I broke my contract to come to learn English and after go to the university or community college to learn Business Administration.

I hope my experience in Miami will be a success. I am just starting to make my mark.

Hello Open Hearts

I am a new student in Open Hearts International College. I am from Colombia. I have been in Miami for one year. I think that I am honest, friendly, sociable, a temperamental person. I cannot stand it when people say lies. I am a person that has a good sense of humor because I say my feelings. I do not want to have friends who think the same as me.
In one year that I have been living in Miami, I learned that it is very different from my country in different aspects. For example I cannot stand it when drivers in Colombia do not stop on a red light. It upsets me when people litter. On the other hand, it does not bother me when people in the United States are free. I like when people in the street are friendly. I like Colombia, but there is a lot of poverty. I like the United States, but I am far away from my family. In conclusion, both countries are wonderful and interesting.

Hello Miami

     I am Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. I am 25 years old. I am studying English in Open Harts International College. I got a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering (production) when I lived in my country. I like people who have a goal and work to do it. For that I came to Miami to do my first step - it is English. I need to be the engineer who is perfect in English . My country gives a scholarship to students who have high grades in college and can choose which country to go to. I chose the USA because I need a country that has a good science to get a masters degree.
     I have been living in Miami one week. I liked Miami when I saw it directly. Everything here is nice. I like it when it is daytime. The people are very friendly and nice. Miami is like my hometown in many things (traffic, beach, hot in summer) but my hometown is colder in winter than Miami. It bothers me when I take a metro rail at night because I feel it is not safe after 9 o’clock. I cannot stand it when some people do not consider the others. It does not bother me when a group of friends need to do anything but they must consider the other people.
     I think one week is not enough to discover Miami. I hope to visit Miami Beach soon and I will enjoy this beautiful city.           

My Life in Miami

I'm a Caribbean French girl who is 24 years old. I have a masters degree in international marketing and communication. I'm in Miami to study English because my English is bad, and I need it to find a job.
I would like a job in Paris after Open Hearts because I lived in Paris for 5 years, and I want go back to see my friends again and my life in Paris.

I have been in Miami for 3 months. I chose Miami to improve my English because it was cheaper than New York City. (Yes I prefer New York City). I think Miami is good just for hollidays, but I prefer big cities like New York and Paris.

The USA is a country that is big. I come from Guadeloupe, a little Island in the Caribbean, that is very different. First of all, the weather is different. Here it's a little bit cold in the winter, but in Guadeloupe there is no winter, the weather is always hot. The landscapes are different. There are a lot of buildings in Miami.
In Guadeloupe there are more trees, beaches, rivers, mountains, volcanos, etc...

But the food is a little bit similar between the two countries.We eat rice and beans, plantains and chiken in Guadeloupe also.

But Miami is a good experience. It's interesting when you can meet a lot of foreign people and talk to them in English. I like it when my friends and I go to Miami Beach to try restaurents or just take in the sun.
Miami is fun.

The problem is the cigarettes. It really annoys me when people smoke in night clubs or in restaurents.
It bothers me when my clothers and my hair smell like cigarettes, I hate that.

Finally, I think coming to Miami is a good experience for me. I met foreign people and I'm living in a new culture, and I learn new things. It's an adventure, and I want to enjoy it until the end, to go back to Guadeloupe with a lot of memories.

My Experience in Miami

Hello! My name is Leticia and I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I came to Miami to improve my English at Open Hearts International College, which is one of the best colleges in Florida. What I like the most about coming to OHIC in Miami is the interaction with different cultures and the wonderful weather.
At Open Hearts you can study with people from different places such as  Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, and I am not only learning English but also I am  getting a close approach to different cultures. Believe me; the only way to understand each other is by speaking in English, since you do not have any other way to make the other people understand you, and this is exactly the greatness about learning English in Open Hearts.
In my opinion, the location of OHIC is definitely one of the greatest advantages, because Miami is a wonderful city with plenty of nice beaches, a non-stop night life and overall it has the best weather in America. Moreover, when I am not in the classroom or doing my assignments, I am visiting some of the city attractions such as the Venetian pool in Coral Gables or eating at Green Table at south Le Jeune Road.
Considering all that I just mentioned, I strongly believe that studying English at Open Hearts here in Miami is an extraordinary experience, plenty of cultural and fun experiences that make the learning process smooth and effective.