Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoying Miami

by: Marilannie

I'm Marilannie Avila from Venezuela. I've been to Miami many times but this time I came to improve my English in Open Hearts International College because I would like to study at the university. Miami is an amazing place. There are different people from all over the world, especifily Latin people. In any place you can speak Spanish. It is better for the Latin people that come to know this city. If you want to enjoy Miami there are many places you can choose, in particular the beaches.

Having a Good Time in Miami

by: Veronica Canadilla

First of all, I would like to say -"Hello everybody!"

My name is Veronica and I am from a fantastic town in one of the niceest cities in Spain, Madridejos in Toledo.

The first time I arived in Miami, it was three days ago so I don't know a lot about this fascinating city yet. Nevertheless, I feel at home because its people are really friendly and they are helping me to have a comfortable and unforgetable stay here.

For this reason, I am going to write a few brief lines about the peope in Miami and their different cultures. There are people from many different countries such us Italy, Poland, France, Argentina, Venezuela, Germany, China, Spain and so on. So you can learn a little bit about all of them if you are lucky enough to meet them. However, you won't have any problem with anyone. Everybody will help you to learn and improve your English language, taking advantage of your experience in this amazing city, Miami.
Remember, if you would like to have a fun, remarkable and incredible journey, don't hesitate! You should choose MIAMI. I am sure you won't regret having come.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Travelling to Orlando

by: Ruben

Hello everyone! My name is Ruben and I came from Spain. I must say that I'm enjoying my stance in Miami, but now I'm going to talk about another place that you can go: Orlando and it's theme parks.

When I arrived in Open Hearts and they showed me all the activities that I can do, I was sure I would go to Disney World, so I did it. It's a experience that I recommended, it's a beautiful place and you will enjoy it a lot.

I went to the Magic Kingdom and the Islands of Adventure. They are very very different:
- In Adventure's Island you can ride in all kind of attractions like roller coasters, water attractions or a lot of simulators. But the best of that is the ambiance, based on the Universal's films. You will see a lot of stages and you'll feel like you're in the film. I was impressed with the part of Harry Potter!

- Magic Kingdom is... MAGIC!!! This park is the real spirit of Disney World, you will feel like a child again and I'm sure that you'll get excited. In this park Disney's ambiance reigns in the stages of all the Disney's films. You can't miss all the spectacles, the parades or the final fireworks, they are incredible!!!

I recommended going to these two areas, first to the Magic Kingdom because there's a lot of things to see and you wouldn't have much time to see all that, and you must see this park at night! Not going to Magic Kingdom is like not going to Disney World...

I hope you enjoy this trip! See you!!!

Miami's Bus

by: Fady Bou Abboud

Miami's buses are very interesting. Most of the time in the bus or other way of common transport there are nice peaple who when they are sitting near you, start opening a conversation with you. In other countries you could think that this man wants something, but no, they just speak to speak. They are very sociable, even homeless people or people who look strange are like that; it's nice. Sometimes you can see crazy people too, who speak alone, but it's very fun because they say stupid things. You should try the bus; it's a good way to improove your English.

Beach in Miami

by: Adrian Baydak


My name is Adrian. I come from Poland. I've been here about one month so I can tell a little about the beach.The weather here is always good so don't worry. If you like the sun you can enjoy it every day.
I think I have been on the beach 5 times and every time there are a lot of people.They often bring a radio and listen the music with high volume so you can hear too.The water is very warm so you will not have a problem going in.

I'm very happy that I have a opportunity to experience this place and I really really suggest that other people enjoy this place too.

Beaches in Miami

by: Carlos I

I arrived in Miami many days ago and I'm still amazed by the beaches. Beaches in Miami are wonderful. I'm amazed how clean the beaches  are and the white sand that they have. There are many beaches in Miami that have great equipment. For example Key Biscayne has places to do barbecues, restrooms, parks and it's amazing how many shy animals approach you without fear. The beaches are sandy with a white and clean sand. The vegetation and the climate are amazing. Miami is a great place to enjoy a sunny climate, and enjoy the nice beaches and the activities like surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc..


by: Carlos II

Transportation in  Miami is really interesting. You know, in the USA everybody has a car, and Miami isn't one exception. If you are walking around, practically you can't see pedestrians. Everybody goes and comes back by car. However, Miami has an amazing transportation system totally free. Yes! Totally free!!! 
I am talking about the fascinaiting metromover which runs fifteen meters from the ground. You feel you are suspended in the air. Each train has two wagons and doesn't have a driver. It is a totally automatic system supervised from any distant place. I recomend you take the metromover at night and enjoy the amaizing view of Miami illuminated. .