Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Trip to the Museum

             On Thursday October 13, Open Hearts International School organized a trip to Miami History Museum in charge our teachers. This museum in down town Miami. The trip started at 9:30 am and finished at 12 pm .All the students rode a Metro Mover, we had taken 15 minutes to arrive.
         When we arrived to the museum, there was a guide with us to explain what was inside the museum. Suddenly, after a few minutes there was a girl who passed out and fell down on the floor while the guide was explaining. Fortunately, she immediately got up and her friends helped her and they took her home.
     After that, we continued the tour and we learned many things about Miami’s history. Also, we saw old weapons for French and Spanish Armies during 1840s,when they fought Native American .In addition, we saw old tools for Native American. In the end of the museum was a showroom for airplanes history in Florida, there we learned about the most important airlines .We spent about 2 hours inside the museum.
          Finally, at 12 pm we finished the tour and we came back to the school. It was an interesting tour.  So, I recommend everybody who visits a new country to visit the museum for that country to learn about country’s history.

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