Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life in Miami

Hello people,

Since 2 weeks, i live in Miami in a host family. It is the first time i meet a new culture : American culture. Here families have one particularity : usually they speak 2 languages. Their lifestyle is different. I think in Miami people wanders, relax. They are warm, considerate with foreign.
I remember my first day in the school i did not find my way and a native people friendly helped me.
I choose to live and study  English in Miami because the weather is so nice, people too.
Follow me, come in Miami at OpenHearts to study English and meet some people who live around the world. It is a very good experience.


  1. Hi there I am Sam .
    I am one of Open hearts students it really very nice experience to live in Miami with international student from around the world but for me i will stay about three year don't miss this wonderful experience

  2. Hi, I had the experience to live with a Host Family in London and was really nice, because you can live with native people, learned their culture and also met people from other countries and cultures in a school.

    I think is a very good combination, studied in a International School but also live with an American Family. You'll learn a lot, and also improve your English very fast.