Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the Internet is going Black

Dear Readers,

If you have not hear about SOPA, you probably do by now as some huge site are going darker to protest SOPA.  

What is SOPA? It is “Stop Online Piracy Act” a bill going throw congress to restrict the internet in order to save copywriters and stand up against internet piracy
The birth of SOPA was on October 26th 2011 to a Texas Republican Lamar Smith, along with 12 co-sponsors where it was first introduced SOPA discussions had been placed on hold but will resume in February 2012. I think SOPA will effect everyone everywhere not only USA if it passes.

Who's opposed to SOPA? Much of the Internet industry and a large percentage of Internet users. Here's the most current list (PDF) of opponents.

My question is.. will it work? & how it will affect us?

Remal Zahid

     I don't agree with sticking of some website, except for the fact that they conserve the copyright of the most companies that propose their editing such as musics and movies that have a copyright.
     In the other hand I agree to prevent the Important website like the Government and the Banks that if  it's appear it will be a problem and people will not trust the Banks website and I have no idea how this restricting going to be effected on business side ....   

                                                                                                                               Bandar Alneami

Restricting the internet

    Internet is being used by almost everyone in the world today, in our phones, laptops, and even our televisions. What do you think about the restricting of it ? What would you do if you don't have Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter?!. No more keeping in touch with your favorite bands, singers, and friends from all over the world, no more funny videos, and no more useful information.
   I think that restricting the internet isn't just about copyrights, let's take the media companies on youtube for an example, some times when you want to watch a music video of a song that wasn't uploaded by the company you find it blocked, why? well, that's because the company does something about it and contacts youtube, and youtube shuts it down instantly, and even on the other webpages, if you want to download an mp3 song, the same thing happens in a lot of websites, it tells you that the file cannot be downloaded due to copyrights. so i think that its up for the companies to do something about their copyrights.             


Wilkipedia is blacking out

Today I woke up and found out from the news about internet restriction. My question is why now? after many years of use it with out restrictions and why we have to agree with? I am concerted that many people do not how to use it to improve their knowledge but no all of us have to pay the price. I think the first reason is just to make more money and never mind protecting our benefices.

The internet restriction

 Dear Reader,
I think government should move the restriction of the internet.The reason is that internet is the only free place we can do whatever we want  pretty much without harming anyone.Every single day there are new rules coming for public safety and 50% dont work.Restricting internet is something might  take years to figure it out how well and organized it should be.Music,movies and games  are the part of internet communicatining and restricting these wont be acceptable.We shoudl talk more and more people to find out we can do without them taking our free internet ground.

                                                                                                          Gorkem Ozkan

The reason of the restriction the internet

 I think the reason of the restriction of the internet is  to get more money from downloading the music and movies. Nowadays there are a lot of people who are downloading all kinds of music or movies for free. which is good for the artist to be more famous but its not good for the company that produces these music or movies because they don't get any benefits.