Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"VIZCAYA" by m.a.

Vizcaya museum is a heritage in miami coconut grove by James Deering 1859-1925. Who was the owner and creator. Vizcaya was built between 1916-192 and has beautiful and fun gardens where you can enjoy the fresh air from the flowers and water fountains. there are a large number of statues around and they give life to the gardens. Also most importantly the house is an incredibly old and big house with a lot of fancy guest room which are on the second floor. It is incredible how everything looks so good and well conserved on the kitchen everything is intact as if were 100 years ago, and the fancy furniture caught the attention of everyone. another thing that was beautiful was the back of the house which is on the biscayne bay with an amazing view. In addition, this historic landmark is a lens through which you can learn about art, interior design, architecture, landscape design, and the environment.

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