Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miami's Faces

by: Carlos II

I am Carlos from Rosario, Argentina. I am 62 years old and I visited the Miami area two times before in the nineties. Rosario is located 200 miles from Buenos Aires to the north. Rosario is on the west coast of the Parana River and the climate is very different from Miami. In Rosario you can feel the weather of all four seasons.

I want to transmit to you the different faces which Miami has shown me in my three visits:

The first time was only a connection city to Orlando. So I could only see the shopping area in Flager Street where a lot of Argentinians are working in the shops. I could see something of Miami Beach too.

The second time I chose to enjoy the climate and the healthy activities like walking and biking. In this opportunity I discovered how the people live an enjoy the Miami area. But I only met retired people from all around U.S. who choose Miami for resting.

Now, I am staying in the down town area and Miami shows me another side. This is my first time without a car, so I can discover a lot of places where the young people do their activities like going to colleges or gyms. Staying in the same building as the school, Open Hearts, has been a good choice because it is really nice to get the English classes and all activities nearly and easily.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enjoy the Moment in Miami

by: Julio

Hello everybody. My name is Jul and I study in Open Hearts College (Miami, FL.). I have been here since 2009. Now I want to compare my hometown and this cty.

At first when I decided to choose a school to study English, I was checking all the comments from the students and I saw many places, but none of them were like Open Hearts. In this place you you feel very confortable because you find a perfect atmosphere with excellent teachers that help you all the time to obtain your goal: learning English.

About Miami, it is a wonderful place where you enjoy the sun and beaches and meet people from everywhere. Here you appreciate the architecture in places like Miami Beach and Coral Gables or simply admire the fashion if you prefer. This city is completely different from my native city because I was living in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, where you find low tempetures and it is located more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Also you see mountains aroud it. I prefer the sun and the beach.

So for me, living in Miami is always a good experience.

Miami and I

by: Sophie Schlicht

My name is Sophie. I'm 20 years old and from Germany. I'm here in Miami for three weeks and I'm in Open Hearts language school to improve my English. I study economics in Germany. For these three weeks I am living with a host family.

Now it is my second week here and I've seen a lot. I love the beach in Miami. I also visited Grassy Key to swim with the dolphins. It was great. I have met many new people in the school. So I think Miami is a really good place to make new friends. I like this. Most people in Miami are very helpful. But sometimes I miss Germany. It is often too hot here and very humid, and they use very high air conditioning in all rooms or in buses and so it is too cold. So I was a little sick the first week. For me it is terrible that everybody drives a car. The air here in Miami is not good. In Germany many people use the public transportation.

On the other hand, I love the food in America. It is very unhealthy but great. The healthy food is expensive and the unhealthy food is mostly really cheap. So I eat a lot of bad things here. :) I like Miami. But I can't imagine living here because it is too big and sometimes too crazy. :)

First Five Days in Miami

by: Fady Bou Abboud

Hello people from all over the world,

I am Fady; I am from France. I am eighteen and have just finished high school. I think that speaking English is really important to get a good job in every career. That's why I decided to come to improve my English in Miami at Open Hearts International College.

I have not been here for a long time. That's why I can't give a description of Miami  but I can tell you that it's a nicely strange city; here people are happy to live. When you ask someone a question about anything, he answers you with all his heart, whereas ask a question like "where is this?" to someone in Paris, he could tell you, "I'm not a map." People enjoy helping you in Miami.

I'm someone who likes sports and here playing sports is a way to live; at all hours you can see people run or do something athletic. And if you prefer eating to playing sports, you'll be very happy; I have never seen so much fast food, and, you should sit down, Burger King is open 24 hours a day. So you can be a sports man or a lazy man; Miami is for you. It's impossible not to like this city. I live in Paris, and the only bad thing compared to Paris is that you can't buy alcohol before age 21. Aside from that and Paris' architecture, everything -- the price of clothes, the smell of burgers, the mixed culture, and the mentality -- is better in Miami.

My First Impression of Miami

by: Adrian Baydak

My name is Adrian. I'm 20 years old and I come from Poland. My hobby is sports, especially soccer and taekwondo. In my country I study logistics but I have a break for one year. I have a brother who is also abroad and I think this is the reason that I flew away too because since I can remember we do similar things.

Miami is very, very far from Poland and seriously I haven't seen similar things yet.

The difference between my country and Miami is big. Here the weather is always hot; in my hometown it is only in June, July, September, and even then, not always. In Poland people who are 18 years old can drink alcohol and here you must be 21 but you can drive at 16.

I feel great that I'm here. Miami is beautiful and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to see this place.

My Experiencie in Miami

by: Laura MarĂ­a Scarrone Bonhomme

I'm Laura and I come from Spain. I live in the Canary Islands, a little group of islands which are situated on the west coast of Africa, but it belongs to Spain, like Hawaii belongs to America. I'm 22 years old and I just have to finish my degree in psychology. I came to Miami because the Spanish government gave me a grant to improve my English.

I arrived in Miami on Saturday so I haven't seen a lot of things yet. I went with my friends to Miami Beach on Monday and it was awesome! It's really fun seeing all those people with different hairstyles and different cultures being together; it was very interesting. On Sunday we tried to get into Nicky Beach but we couldn't because it was raining.....it was a disappointment, but instead we went to Blue Martini, and I didn't know that women never pay. It's an advantage for us, but it is also a kind of positive discrimination, and I don't like it.

Finally, I'm going to describe my own island. Tenerife is a lovely island; it's very tiny but it has all the things that you could need, including the same stores that a big city like Madrid has. Tenerife has a perfect climate all year. There is a temperature around 22 degrees Celsius. If you like aquatic sports you can practice any one of these. Canarian people are very kind, and especially Tenerife is called "the kindness island."

To summarize, I think that the most important advantage of the Canary Islands is that they don't have delinquency. From what I have heard, Miami is the second city in America with the highest level of crime.

Omar in Miami, Man!

by: Omar Altakriti Alvarez

Hi! I'm Omar from Spain; I live in the north of Spain and I'm 23. I'm stuying Industrial Engeenering and I am in my sixth year.

I arrived last Sunday so I don't really know the city of Miami (only the parties). The few things that I have seen like the Brickell Bay zone or Little Havana have a big contrast because Brickell Bay is the commercial zone and walking a few minutes you are in Little Havana, which is poor neighborhood.

When I arrived in Miami I thought that life here would be expensive in comparison with my hometown but I was worng. The change of euro to dollar is better for people who come from Europe so if you are one of them don't worry and come to Miami! Another different thing is the size; my hometown, Oviedo, has about 250,000 people so Miami for me is a huge city. Here you can see different cultures together, which in Oviedo is impossible. The weather in Miami is extremely hot and wet but you will get used to it because I did in two days and in Oviedo, in my neighborhood of Pumatas Somos Todos, the weather usually is cold and cloudy.

You should come to Miami; it will be fun for you, I assure you!

Arcadio of the Door

by: Arcadio of the Door

Dear Miami:

Hello! I arrived in Miami on Friday. When I came here it was really hot. I thought the city was very big because from the airport to the hotel (South Beach) there were many miles, but when I arrived in my hotel and I went out to the street it was awesome! There were a lot of people in all the corners and streets, and from different cultures and countries. Miami is very different than Seville; for example, here all the people have big cars. In Seville there are a few big cars, but not so good as here. The temperature isn't very different but here it rains a lot. Another important difference is the buildings; here there are many buildings taller than 100 meters; however, in Seville there isn't any building taller than 100 meters because there is a law which forbids it. On the other hand, both cities have an important thing in common; all the people speak Spanish.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Great Miami

by: Julia Martos de Azuaje

My name is Julia Martos de  Azuaje and I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I'm a visual artist and since 2009 I have been living in Miami. Currently I'm studying English at Open Hearts International College.

My life in Miami  is very interesting because Art and Culture are part of the Floridian way of life; galleries and  museums play a major role in Miami. My experience in this city has been fascinating because in August 2010 my artwork, influenced by the  Magic City of  Miami, was  featured at a local art gallery by  the Coral Gables Cultural Affairs Council. On October 8, 2010 I will participate with my paintings at the Museums of the Americas (Doral  City) for the Hispanic Heritage in America Exhibition, and on October 19, 2010 I will  present the book Anthology of Poems and Lyrics in Books & Books (265 Aragon  Avenue, Coral  Gables).

My experience in Miami has been different from life in Maracaibo because in Miami I have met artists from diverse nationalities who expose their paintings and creations to the public. Miami has intense and strong cultural activities and I think  that is the most important thing in the world for artists that live  in Miami.


Julia Martos de Azuaje. 2010. "Miami's Nocturnal". Acrylic/canvas. 18"x24"