Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stereotypes about Americans and Switzerland

I’m a Swiss man and I like my country, eminently when I not stay there. The people in the world have the opinion that Switzerland has a lot of mountains and the people eat only chocolate and fondue. Bat it is true that my land has now recourses. Therefore are the banking institution ant school education so imported.
I have the stereotypes that the American is very unfriendly, aggressive, nationalistic and a little bit lazy. When I came to Miami I was very glad that this is not right. The Miami people are so sociable, talkative and most of the people work a lot. Most Americans are not aggressive or ignorant to me and most are very friendly to each other and I’m so happy to live here and to learn about a now culture.

Steryotypes of Saudi Arabia and America

I'm Yaqoub, I'm from Saudi Arabia. I came to Miami one month ago to learn English. My country is a big country which there are a diverse sterotypes depending on the culture of people and where they lived.But many people shared the same sterotypes like the people like to eat rice with meat every day especially in lunch time.They like to wear robes (white clothes).Almost all of them don't like to go to work.They are very hospitable, emotional, nationalistic, respectful and formal.I think these sterotypes are true.

Before i came to the U.S, i thought the American culture is diffcult to live.Because i thought the people are very aggresive, unsociable and serious.But after i came to Miami, i see very polite people. Almost all of them are quiet and they like to help any one who needs help.They are romantic and lovers.Some of them are fat because they like to eat fast food. But i see many people do sports like runing beside the beach.

Colombian's Stereotype

Hi my name is Paola, I’m from Colombia, and I came here to The U.S.A to study English. Until now everything has been good in my studies and my communication with the people, I’d just change one thing that is when I mentioned my country. Some people think that Colombia is drugs, narcotraffic, violence, insecurity and other things. I’d like them to realize what the reason is that Colombia has suffered and in this way they can see at the same time the good and bad things, to balance out the better and the worse, to see that there are more good than bad.
But I understand American People, because I had a bad idea about them. I thought  that they were lazy, aggressive, boring  and disorganized, but I realize that they work hard, they work more hours a week than Colombian people and they’re nice persons who makes me laugh with their sense of humor (the humor is similar to what you can see on Television, but now it’s in real life.  

Stereotypes !

My name is Rodrigo, I'm 20, I'm from Brazil and I'm here to learn and improve my English before I go to college.
When people think about my country, they're excited about the girls, partys, the carnaval, etc.
On the other hand, talking about negative aspects, they think about the violence, dangerous cities, drugs, etc.
Before coming here to the USA I had some stereotypes in my mind, like, most people have problems with their weight, because there's a lot of fast food here. American people are very nationalistic and I think that they are not hopitable with tourists and visitors.

So, I've been here around 5 months and now I have another idea totally different than I had before I came.

Dominican Girl Writting About Some Stereostypes

I'm Natacha from the Dominican Republic. I've been living in Miami since December 27th 2011.
I want to get a dregree in English Language and after I will start a Masters at a university.

People have a different stereotypes of my country. Some people think that we are friendlely and a happy country. Other people think that we are a good place to relax and have a nice vacation and many people think that we are the land of the Merengue.

Before I arrived here I had an idea how the Americans are. Now I can see which have been right, they are hard-working - too many people have more than one job. Other words that can describe Americans are nacionalistic and respectful about your way of thinking.

The amazing U.S.A

My name is Amjad Amuodi.I'm from Saudi Arabia .A lot of people think we live in the desert and we don't have schools and colleges but that is not true. Before I came to United Stutes,I thought the American people were very respectful but that is not completly true. They are very warm people, hospitable and very humorous.

stereotypes of Abdulaziz

My name is Abdulaziz and I am 22 yeas old. I came here to miami to study English for Threee months then i will go back to Saudi Arabia to continue the bachelors.

People think that Saudi Arabiaans are still riding a camels today, but in facti don't think so.

Holiday in Miami

My name is Julien; I am from France and I live in Bordeaux. I am in my third year of Pharmacy and I am here for improving my english. People think that all the French are polite but in fact it's not true. When a french tourist visits a new country, he is very particular. Everything must be perfect and the Europeans say we are not very polite.
Before, I thought that americans were fat and after I arrived, I didn't see a lot of obese people.

The stereotype world

Hi everybody today I'm going to talk about the stereotypes in my country and the American country; The people around the world view Mexico like a never ending party, all the dishes have tortilla, the Mexican appearance is with big black hats, a mustache, and always playing maracas. Also the music is always Mariachi.

The stereotypes that I had before I arrived in the U.S.A, were that a lot of people were fat, they're too nationalistic, they're not humorous, they're ignorant people; but when I stayed here for a few weeks my stereotypes changed, and now I think that some people are fat, they're still too nationalistic, most of them are very humorous, and they're not ignorant at all, just in the cultures of different countries.