Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rock'n MIAMI basic 2

hi i'm nelson don't come to MIAMI if you are under 21 years old i have 19years old and i always pai cash to the security agent.

Miami its a very beautiful city you shouldn't miss the famous restaurants and nightclub when you go to hotters  a famous bar restaurants you must give tips to the beautiful waitress.
You must go to tobacco road to drink in a liquor bar it's very cheap and go to brickell to malon after 3 am when the people leave the nightclub it's the place to eat after drink

If you like jet ski you can rent one in bay-side go with your friends and enjoy!!
You like to go to the beach to meet beautiful girls to see nice cars ?South beach is perfect for you!
You just need a swim short and sunglasses and you have a good time!
You shouldn't miss Nikki beach it's a great bar on the beach to drink a cocktail and also meet some girls but if you want to make the girls crazy you must be pay for the girls ... yeah  guys it's not easy!

You can try speed boat in bay-side it's awesome you can't miss it
you have every thing you want in MIAMI .
You can try typical american hamburger at south beach in Five Guys burger  it's a famous fast food and the hamburger are very good you just have to across the street and you are on the beach it's nice!

If you have the time you must go to Orlando to see the two attraction park ''Island of adventure'' and ''Universal studio'' it's amazing i try and i really enjoy because there are a lot of roller coaster and good attraction like ''Hulk'' ''The krusty land'' and more...
Go with your friends and enjoy a lot!

so enjoy your trip have fun !


  1. See that you are only a night bird ;)

  2. You miss the Harry Potter :( So amazing!!! You have to go one more time, believe me you will have great time!!!!!!!!!!!!