Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Key West - basic2

All the students should visit Key West. Its really nice. Key West is an all "American town".
I went on a bus contrated for college and I had to pay only $45.There You can talk in "Duval street" where there are many beautiful houses and you can see too many shops and populars restaurants like "Sloopy Joes" or "Hard Rock" but If you don't want to spend a lot of money to eat, there is a cheap place where you can eat good pizza for only $3.00. I don't remember the place's name but you can find it in Duval street.


The best and interesting place which I visited was "The Hemingway's house". Hemingway was a famous writer.

Other interesting place which you can visit is the southernmost point of usa that it is to 90 miles to Cuba.

I visited Key West in the Halloween eve and all the houses were decorated with ghosts, monsters and pumpkins. Its was very nice for me because in Spain where I live, this celebration doesn't exist.