Thursday, September 9, 2010

Omar in Miami, Man!

by: Omar Altakriti Alvarez

Hi! I'm Omar from Spain; I live in the north of Spain and I'm 23. I'm stuying Industrial Engeenering and I am in my sixth year.

I arrived last Sunday so I don't really know the city of Miami (only the parties). The few things that I have seen like the Brickell Bay zone or Little Havana have a big contrast because Brickell Bay is the commercial zone and walking a few minutes you are in Little Havana, which is poor neighborhood.

When I arrived in Miami I thought that life here would be expensive in comparison with my hometown but I was worng. The change of euro to dollar is better for people who come from Europe so if you are one of them don't worry and come to Miami! Another different thing is the size; my hometown, Oviedo, has about 250,000 people so Miami for me is a huge city. Here you can see different cultures together, which in Oviedo is impossible. The weather in Miami is extremely hot and wet but you will get used to it because I did in two days and in Oviedo, in my neighborhood of Pumatas Somos Todos, the weather usually is cold and cloudy.

You should come to Miami; it will be fun for you, I assure you!

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