Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miami's Faces

by: Carlos II

I am Carlos from Rosario, Argentina. I am 62 years old and I visited the Miami area two times before in the nineties. Rosario is located 200 miles from Buenos Aires to the north. Rosario is on the west coast of the Parana River and the climate is very different from Miami. In Rosario you can feel the weather of all four seasons.

I want to transmit to you the different faces which Miami has shown me in my three visits:

The first time was only a connection city to Orlando. So I could only see the shopping area in Flager Street where a lot of Argentinians are working in the shops. I could see something of Miami Beach too.

The second time I chose to enjoy the climate and the healthy activities like walking and biking. In this opportunity I discovered how the people live an enjoy the Miami area. But I only met retired people from all around U.S. who choose Miami for resting.

Now, I am staying in the down town area and Miami shows me another side. This is my first time without a car, so I can discover a lot of places where the young people do their activities like going to colleges or gyms. Staying in the same building as the school, Open Hearts, has been a good choice because it is really nice to get the English classes and all activities nearly and easily.

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