Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Experiencie in Miami

by: Laura María Scarrone Bonhomme

I'm Laura and I come from Spain. I live in the Canary Islands, a little group of islands which are situated on the west coast of Africa, but it belongs to Spain, like Hawaii belongs to America. I'm 22 years old and I just have to finish my degree in psychology. I came to Miami because the Spanish government gave me a grant to improve my English.

I arrived in Miami on Saturday so I haven't seen a lot of things yet. I went with my friends to Miami Beach on Monday and it was awesome! It's really fun seeing all those people with different hairstyles and different cultures being together; it was very interesting. On Sunday we tried to get into Nicky Beach but we couldn't because it was was a disappointment, but instead we went to Blue Martini, and I didn't know that women never pay. It's an advantage for us, but it is also a kind of positive discrimination, and I don't like it.

Finally, I'm going to describe my own island. Tenerife is a lovely island; it's very tiny but it has all the things that you could need, including the same stores that a big city like Madrid has. Tenerife has a perfect climate all year. There is a temperature around 22 degrees Celsius. If you like aquatic sports you can practice any one of these. Canarian people are very kind, and especially Tenerife is called "the kindness island."

To summarize, I think that the most important advantage of the Canary Islands is that they don't have delinquency. From what I have heard, Miami is the second city in America with the highest level of crime.

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