Thursday, September 9, 2010

Arcadio of the Door

by: Arcadio of the Door

Dear Miami:

Hello! I arrived in Miami on Friday. When I came here it was really hot. I thought the city was very big because from the airport to the hotel (South Beach) there were many miles, but when I arrived in my hotel and I went out to the street it was awesome! There were a lot of people in all the corners and streets, and from different cultures and countries. Miami is very different than Seville; for example, here all the people have big cars. In Seville there are a few big cars, but not so good as here. The temperature isn't very different but here it rains a lot. Another important difference is the buildings; here there are many buildings taller than 100 meters; however, in Seville there isn't any building taller than 100 meters because there is a law which forbids it. On the other hand, both cities have an important thing in common; all the people speak Spanish.

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