Friday, November 4, 2011

Valentina Ramirez

Well it is my first week in Miami as an English student at the Open Heart International Collegue so I haven't done so much in this weekdays it's gonna be boring because I won't have time to have fun as my others school partners, how I envy them.

My first day was on Halloween Day, but I didn't have class because there was a party and everybody was wearing a costume, meanwhile everybody was having fun I was taking two English test to determine in which level I was supposed to be in, after I finished the test I went to "orientation" (Yeah notice the sarcasm) but fortunality it didn't take so long as I expected.

I think I would stay at the party but I couldn't, because didn't have a costume (My first Halloween at U. S and I didn't wear a costume and again I used sarcasm... again) and that day I had business to attend in the bank to make a foreign student account (It was a pain in my ass to wait so long but it's worth it (I guess).

To make it short and simple, my first Halloween in the states was suck and bored.

Over the next few days it was boring too and  also I was tired, because I don't live in the residence with the others student, no I have to stay in my Aunt's House instead at the resident like a dumb ass, and I live like 1 hour from Open Hearts, so that's mean I won't have fun, going to Orlando trips or travel to Key West and another activities.

And back at home my friends surely are thinking "Wow our friend is in Miami, she will have fun" but no they are wrong, I will enjoy this four months so much (sarcasms, sorry I can't help it) the only thing I will do in Miami is wake up, take the bus and the train, arrived at the classroom, study, go back home, eat, study, sleep and repeat (Life is such a bitch guys) and also I have to break my back to pass the T. O. E. F. L with high grades and got accepted in the Miami International University of Art & Design, because I want to study Fashion Design and I know it's gonna be hard but I hope everything is gonna be alright so... that's it.

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