Friday, November 4, 2011

halloween day in open hearts

On October 31 there was a funny Halloween celebration in Open Hearts International College. The teachers and the administration did an excellent job planning this amazing day. It was a day full of costumes and people taking pictures in every corner of the college. Most of the people were dress up and there were laughs everywhere. Some of the costumes were very well designed, for example the masks, or the ones that were made by usual clothes. One of the costumes that I really liked was the man who was dressed like he was riding and ostrich. I think it was very funny and unique and most of the people liked it.

Another thing I was impressed with was the fact that almost all the teacher were dressed up. For me that means a lot because in some way, they were interacting with the students-either taking pictures or carving the pumpkins.The costume that I liked the most of the teachers was the witch, who had very creative things like the make up, the hair, the nose and other interesting things.

The pumpkin contest was also an important activity that day. All of the students had to form groups of three and carve pumpkins in order to make a funny or original sculpture in it. Everybody did a great job, even the teachers were participating carving the pumpkins. Some of the pumkings were original, some of the were usual. The one that won the contest was the one from elite class that was a funnny cat.

In general, the day was awesome and I really had a great time. I think most of the people liked it because we were also sharing pizza with coke with the classmates. Finally, we didn't have afternoon classes so we could enjoy the rest of the day with friends.


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