Friday, November 4, 2011

Miami experience - Gustavo Martinez

Being at Open Hearts has been a rerally nice experience. Since I have been here I have enjoyed every single day. The best days were Halloween celebration and the BBQ at the beach.

At the Halloween celebration I had so much fun with the pumpkin carving because it was a totally new experience. The ritual around the pumpkin and the tools used to carve were the first impression I had, then drawing the face draft was something that I enjoyed, because everyone has different ways to make scary faces and others think the faces are just funny. After the drafts were done the team work started and we carved each pumpkin - something really hard to do - smoothly, to avoid damages. Finally the contest where we could see all the creative work some people had done.

Additionally, the costume contest which took place after the pumpkin stuff, showed again the creativity with awesome costumes.

Something that I really liked, was the way we shared the pizza on the break between the two main activities - pumpkin carving and costume contest.

On the other hand, the BBQ was an amazing oportunity to meet new people. The first week most of the people feel isolated because they don't have oportunities to talk with others until that day, when all the people finally share with teachers and students.

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