Friday, November 4, 2011

Monday was Halloween Day!

I had school but not like other days. We dressed up in the morning and had a pumpkin contest.
How awesome is that?
So, for the Halloween Day, I dressed up like a Referee. Almost everybodywas dressed up for "the event".
In the morning, students were discovering all of the costumes and we took lots of pictures with everybody.
It took a long time before we all went to class for the pumpkin contest.
All of my classmates were trying to do "the perfect" pumpkin. And they did pretty well. We were all joking around and having fun. Some students had a talent for the pumpkincontest (like the cat face...)

After all of these, all the pumpkins were exposed on the desk in front of all the students. Everybody was taking pictures again and then the lunch time came.
So, we all sat in our classroom and ate a pizza with a coke.
The contestents were all waiting for the names to come up. We finally voted and the winners were anounced.
After this, I went out to a bar with my friends and after that I came back to my apartment to relax a little bit. I also went to the gym like everyday.
During the evening, I prepared a big dinner with my roommates and friends. So, we all set down and had dinner in the apartment. After the dinner we all decided to go to Lincoln Road. But unfortunately for me, I went to my apartment to look for something and when I came down they were already gone.
So all I did was watching TV and waiting.
So, my Halloween Day was good but I kind of missed one of the biggest events in the US.

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  1. I did not expect such talent in the pumpkin contest. I thought all of them would be bad and some re ok. I was surprised when I saw the curved pumpkins, all of them were good, and some were really amazing. at night I went to Lincoln road and I saw your friends over there, and I asked them why did you leave her? and i gave them a bad time about it ;)
    in the future the will never do this to u again.. we had a lot of fun in Lincoln; a lot of cool costumes and every one was having fun.

    goodbye and have a nice day

    I know who u r