Friday, November 4, 2011

Alicia Manzoni

I began to take classes in Open Hearth because I always wanted to know English and I had a lot of expectation about it.  I never could do it before because I always put my sons in first place and I tried to stay with them in every time that it was possible. That is why I postponed my own things.
I actually enjoy every time in my life,and, studying in Open Heart was not an exception.

One thing that I really liked was when Andres, my first teacher organized a morning out in Key Biscayne in order to know everyone and share a lunch, play volleyball and enjoy some time at the beach.
It was a good time for us because of we had the opportunity to know more about our classmates and different cultures.
I never used to go to the parties or meetings but I enjoyed it so much.

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