Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the Criminal Court

Last Wednesday (2nd November) Reagan's students and ourselves, Melissa's students, had the opportunity to go to the criminal court. Before entering we were in line waiting to be checked by the security. We could smell the heavy atmosphere and really realized where we were! Thankfully, a nice person, Alma Pol, who works in the office of government and is in charge of the liaison and public relations, was there to welcome us.

The first room we entered in the court was already in session. It was impressive to see through the TV screen people in line waiting their turn before hearing the judge's sentence. It sounds strange but it is like we witnessed a production chain. And I forgot to mention that it was only the men who were arrested from midnight to early in the morning... This is a small aspect of the judge's work.

After that we went into different rooms to observe other courts in session. A real gift had been given to us when we got in the judge Antonio Arzola's chambers. He took his time to explain how the judicial system works in the United States, gave us concrete examples and at last gave to one of us the opportunity to wear his robe. The lucky one was Mohammed!!!

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