Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Life in Miami

I'm a Caribbean French girl who is 24 years old. I have a masters degree in international marketing and communication. I'm in Miami to study English because my English is bad, and I need it to find a job.
I would like a job in Paris after Open Hearts because I lived in Paris for 5 years, and I want go back to see my friends again and my life in Paris.

I have been in Miami for 3 months. I chose Miami to improve my English because it was cheaper than New York City. (Yes I prefer New York City). I think Miami is good just for hollidays, but I prefer big cities like New York and Paris.

The USA is a country that is big. I come from Guadeloupe, a little Island in the Caribbean, that is very different. First of all, the weather is different. Here it's a little bit cold in the winter, but in Guadeloupe there is no winter, the weather is always hot. The landscapes are different. There are a lot of buildings in Miami.
In Guadeloupe there are more trees, beaches, rivers, mountains, volcanos, etc...

But the food is a little bit similar between the two countries.We eat rice and beans, plantains and chiken in Guadeloupe also.

But Miami is a good experience. It's interesting when you can meet a lot of foreign people and talk to them in English. I like it when my friends and I go to Miami Beach to try restaurents or just take in the sun.
Miami is fun.

The problem is the cigarettes. It really annoys me when people smoke in night clubs or in restaurents.
It bothers me when my clothers and my hair smell like cigarettes, I hate that.

Finally, I think coming to Miami is a good experience for me. I met foreign people and I'm living in a new culture, and I learn new things. It's an adventure, and I want to enjoy it until the end, to go back to Guadeloupe with a lot of memories.

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