Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi Miami!!!!

I am Angelique. I am mixed - half French half Congolese. I am new in Open Hearts and in Miami too. I have been here for two months and I want to stay in Miami for one year or more.

I am looking for people who I can talk easily with because I am very timid. I would prefer people that are direct, open minded, and trustworthy.

Since I arrived I met many people who come from different countries. I like this cultural mix. I went to South Beach, I walked in the beach, in Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue, I went to the club and the atmosphere is not the same as my country in Congo. Here the clubs are bigger than in my country. I try the American foods too and it is very fatty for me. I am French too and in France we love to eat and I love to eat but the American food is definitely not the same as the French foods but with the Congo we are similar . In the Congo we like to eat spicy like in Miami of the Latin influence. I was surprised because in Miami I think more people speak Spanish than English. It is crazy but I like it. It makes me happy when I meet people who I feel confortable around and I hope to find good friends in Open Hearts and Miami. I am a person who is sociable, reliable and supportive. We did a test in the class and my result was cool and steady. I think I am like that. My only defect is my shyness.

Before coming to Miami I worked for the big French company "Bouygues Construction" in the Congo and I broke my contract to come to learn English and after go to the university or community college to learn Business Administration.

I hope my experience in Miami will be a success. I am just starting to make my mark.

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