Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Miami

     I am Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. I am 25 years old. I am studying English in Open Harts International College. I got a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering (production) when I lived in my country. I like people who have a goal and work to do it. For that I came to Miami to do my first step - it is English. I need to be the engineer who is perfect in English . My country gives a scholarship to students who have high grades in college and can choose which country to go to. I chose the USA because I need a country that has a good science to get a masters degree.
     I have been living in Miami one week. I liked Miami when I saw it directly. Everything here is nice. I like it when it is daytime. The people are very friendly and nice. Miami is like my hometown in many things (traffic, beach, hot in summer) but my hometown is colder in winter than Miami. It bothers me when I take a metro rail at night because I feel it is not safe after 9 o’clock. I cannot stand it when some people do not consider the others. It does not bother me when a group of friends need to do anything but they must consider the other people.
     I think one week is not enough to discover Miami. I hope to visit Miami Beach soon and I will enjoy this beautiful city.           

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