Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Open Hearts

I am a new student in Open Hearts International College. I am from Colombia. I have been in Miami for one year. I think that I am honest, friendly, sociable, a temperamental person. I cannot stand it when people say lies. I am a person that has a good sense of humor because I say my feelings. I do not want to have friends who think the same as me.
In one year that I have been living in Miami, I learned that it is very different from my country in different aspects. For example I cannot stand it when drivers in Colombia do not stop on a red light. It upsets me when people litter. On the other hand, it does not bother me when people in the United States are free. I like when people in the street are friendly. I like Colombia, but there is a lot of poverty. I like the United States, but I am far away from my family. In conclusion, both countries are wonderful and interesting.

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