Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Steryotypes of Saudi Arabia and America

I'm Yaqoub, I'm from Saudi Arabia. I came to Miami one month ago to learn English. My country is a big country which there are a diverse sterotypes depending on the culture of people and where they lived.But many people shared the same sterotypes like the people like to eat rice with meat every day especially in lunch time.They like to wear robes (white clothes).Almost all of them don't like to go to work.They are very hospitable, emotional, nationalistic, respectful and formal.I think these sterotypes are true.

Before i came to the U.S, i thought the American culture is diffcult to live.Because i thought the people are very aggresive, unsociable and serious.But after i came to Miami, i see very polite people. Almost all of them are quiet and they like to help any one who needs help.They are romantic and lovers.Some of them are fat because they like to eat fast food. But i see many people do sports like runing beside the beach.

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