Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colombian's Stereotype

Hi my name is Paola, I’m from Colombia, and I came here to The U.S.A to study English. Until now everything has been good in my studies and my communication with the people, I’d just change one thing that is when I mentioned my country. Some people think that Colombia is drugs, narcotraffic, violence, insecurity and other things. I’d like them to realize what the reason is that Colombia has suffered and in this way they can see at the same time the good and bad things, to balance out the better and the worse, to see that there are more good than bad.
But I understand American People, because I had a bad idea about them. I thought  that they were lazy, aggressive, boring  and disorganized, but I realize that they work hard, they work more hours a week than Colombian people and they’re nice persons who makes me laugh with their sense of humor (the humor is similar to what you can see on Television, but now it’s in real life.  

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