Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Travelling to Orlando

by: Ruben

Hello everyone! My name is Ruben and I came from Spain. I must say that I'm enjoying my stance in Miami, but now I'm going to talk about another place that you can go: Orlando and it's theme parks.

When I arrived in Open Hearts and they showed me all the activities that I can do, I was sure I would go to Disney World, so I did it. It's a experience that I recommended, it's a beautiful place and you will enjoy it a lot.

I went to the Magic Kingdom and the Islands of Adventure. They are very very different:
- In Adventure's Island you can ride in all kind of attractions like roller coasters, water attractions or a lot of simulators. But the best of that is the ambiance, based on the Universal's films. You will see a lot of stages and you'll feel like you're in the film. I was impressed with the part of Harry Potter!

- Magic Kingdom is... MAGIC!!! This park is the real spirit of Disney World, you will feel like a child again and I'm sure that you'll get excited. In this park Disney's ambiance reigns in the stages of all the Disney's films. You can't miss all the spectacles, the parades or the final fireworks, they are incredible!!!

I recommended going to these two areas, first to the Magic Kingdom because there's a lot of things to see and you wouldn't have much time to see all that, and you must see this park at night! Not going to Magic Kingdom is like not going to Disney World...

I hope you enjoy this trip! See you!!!

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    Hi Ruben! I have just read your notes about Orlando and I want to go there. I think Orlando must be a great city and we can enjoy a lot.
    I gonna book for visiting Disney World, of course!
    Regards from Spain, too.