Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Restricting the internet

    Internet is being used by almost everyone in the world today, in our phones, laptops, and even our televisions. What do you think about the restricting of it ? What would you do if you don't have Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter?!. No more keeping in touch with your favorite bands, singers, and friends from all over the world, no more funny videos, and no more useful information.
   I think that restricting the internet isn't just about copyrights, let's take the media companies on youtube for an example, some times when you want to watch a music video of a song that wasn't uploaded by the company you find it blocked, why? well, that's because the company does something about it and contacts youtube, and youtube shuts it down instantly, and even on the other webpages, if you want to download an mp3 song, the same thing happens in a lot of websites, it tells you that the file cannot be downloaded due to copyrights. so i think that its up for the companies to do something about their copyrights.             


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